About Us

Our Story.

GoDroneNZ started out in 2014 building custom built drones for photographers/videographers as well as surveyors and even drone racers. We also provided repair and maintenance services for people all around New Zealand.

  Slowly we branched out into selling beginner drones as we needed low cost drones to teach people how to fly. For the next 2 years we ran an online store selling a wide range of imported drones. We also spent a large amount of time in R&D working on various drones for agriculture as well as the film industry.

  Fast forward a few years. GoDrone is now an Aerial Photography company providing services NZ wide. We specialize in super high resolution photos and video for both artistic and data collection projects. Because we fly custom built drones for the job we can fly whatever gear necessary to get the shots our clients need. Some of the drones we fly have a take off weight of over 14kg. We operate under CAA part 102 NZ wide

  We also provide drone repair services and regularly fix drones for people all around New Zealand. We have the experience needed to do any repairs on any make and model of drone from small kids drones right up to large cinema rigs. We keep stock of a wide range of parts allowing us to provide a quick turnaround.