Experts in drone technology since 2014

We provide aerial services all over New Zealand. We started flying in a time before you could purchase drones ready to fly, back when we had to build everything ourselves. Because we are experienced with building drones from scratch we also provide a quick turnaround repair service for almost any kind of drone.

services we provide

Aerial photography is a unique way to show something. Flying a 42mp camera and whatever lens required we can capture exactly what you need from brilliant sunsets to high detail inspections.

We fly a wide range of high end cameras from GoPros to full frame. Specializing in anything a little bit tricky let us know how we can help produce some stunning footage for you.

3d scanning is an amazing way to speed up your workflow. Using drone tech we can fly over a site or building and produce a full 3d scan that you can take measurements from

We fix any drones. People send them in from all around New Zealand for a quick turnaround repair. Contact us to learn more about the process. We have parts in stock for many DJI and other drones.