Drone Education for Schools

One thing that we do is drone education. We come to a school and 4 to 6 students get to build a drone from a kit set. After that they get to learn about programming it and tuning it. Finally they get to fly it and even take some photos of their school if there is enough time. Because the parts can be reused we can provide the service for only $149. If this is something you would be interested in please contact Paul on 022 189 3757 or email Paul@GoDrone.co.nz

Here is a video from a drone day we did at Marco School as a test run a couple of years ago. In the morning we started building the drone. We then took a break to do some flying demonstrations. We then finished the drone and took it outside and tuned it then the kids got to have a go at flying it. Overall it went great and the kids learned a lot about electronics and practical engineering.  

Drone Demos

Another thing we do is drone demonstrations. We come out and talk for about 20 minutes and then fly some high tech drones around (including one that goes 140KM/h) We are happy to provide this service for any school free of charge. Please let us know if this is something your school would be interested in.