CX20 with full APM autopilot (mission planning)

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A great mid range drone with some powerful features.

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The CX20 is a great entry level quad. It has a flight time of 10-15 minutes and it can carry a camera such as a GoPro or even your mobile phone. One of the great things with this quadcopter is that it has a full GPS autopilot. What this means is that it has all the features of more expensive quads at a lower budget. This autopilot enables features like position hold so if you let go of the sticks it just holds its position making it extremely easy to fly. It also has features like Return To Launch so if you lose sight of your quad or if you lose signal it will fly back and land exactly where it took off from. One of the more advanced features of this quad is that you can program missions. What this means is that you can plug it into your PC and bring up google maps. You then put pins where you want it to fly and it will then fly to all those pins with just the push of a button. Because this drone has so many advanced features for a limited time we are providing 1 hour of tuition on how to use it for free.


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