GoDrone Indoor racer (3rd smallest drone in the world) Camo version

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These drones are absolutely TEENY. Measuring less then 5cm across they are loaded with more features then I have ever seen on a drone of this size. To fly it you simply push one button to take off. It will then spin up the motors and go to a stable hover about half a meter off the ground. from there you can fly it around as you wish and then when you are ready to land just hover over where you wish to land and push the land button. Once you have mastered basic flying and hovering you can try out features like the auto flip button. simply push down on the right hand stick and push it in the direction you want to flip and it will automatically perform a 360 degree flip and come back to a stable hover. There are also 3 different speed modes. Push down on the left hand stick to switch between beginner intermediate and expert.


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Diameter of Blades: 30mm
Channal: 4CH
Transmitter type: 2.4G
GYRO: 6-axis
quadcopter Battery: 3.7V 150MAH Li Battery (Included)
Transmitter battery: 2 x AAA dry battery (Not included)
Flying Time: 5mins
R/C Distance: as far as you can see
Flying height: as high as you can see
Charging Time: about 30mins
Material Of Product: ABS Aviation Material
Size Of Product: 45x45x22mm
Product wieght: 15g


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