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A great first camera drone

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The GoDrone VISION is an excellent introduction to aerial photography. It features a 720p HD camera that transmits the live video straight to your smartphone. This is perfect for lining up your shots or even flying in another room (if you decide to fly it indoors). It is small enough to fly inside but powerful enough to fly outside. It folds up super small so you can practically take it anywhere. It features altitude stabilization that makes it super easy to fly. They battery is a 900mAh 1s providing plenty of power throughout the 10 minute flight time. The battery can then easily be swapped out for another 10 minutes of flight time. This drone also has a flip button. Simply push it and push the controller in the direction you want to flip. It will then do a perfect 360 degree flip and level out automatically.






Battery: 900mAh 1s

Flight time: 10 mins

Range: as far as you can see

Height: as far as you can see

Warranty: $10 repair guarante

Size: 35x35cm (when not folded)