The ultimate Christmas present.

Its that time of year again. Christmas is only 67 days away.

Are you looking for the perfect present without breaking the bank? Every kid wants a drone so here are some options at a good price


GoDrone NANO


These are the ultimate beginner drone. They are the right size for indoor racing (which we have every second Friday night) They can be flown outdoors even when its windy. They are the most durable drone I have ever seen. If you do manage to break it we have all the parts in stock to fix them.

H8 mini drone



The GoDrone NANO PRO is a bigger better faster stronger version of the GoDrone NANO. It features bigger motors and a powerful processor that lets you do epic stunts including flying upside down. They are also a much better platform for modifications if thats what your interested in.






The GoDrone RACER is a great complete setup for people wanting to get into drone racing. Drone racing is now a world wide sport and the world champs are being held this week in Hawaii. This is a very competitive drone that can compete in both 3s SPEC and 4s SPEC RotorX NZ classes. It comes completely ready to fly. (Because I custom build these please allow 3 weeks for delivery)

sonnys quad corrected


DJI Phantom 4


The DJI Phantom 4 is in my opinion the best aerial photography / video drone available (short of building one yourself) It is super easy to fly and even features obstacle avoidance making it super safe to fly. It features a 4k camera that can shoot 12MP still shots.


dji phantom 4


These are some of the options I would recommend. I also recommend starting with a small drone such as the NANO as your first drone. These can take a beaing and will teach you so much about flying. Then when you move up to a bigger one its much easier.