3 Day Christmas Special

Looking for the perfect gift this Christmas? Drones are a lot of fun and so much better then helicopters. Any repair is only $10.
3 day christmas sale. GoDrone NANOS now only $59.

Drones make amazing birthday presents


Need a last minute birthday present? We ship overnight NZ wide for FREE! Drones are heaps of fun. Worried it will break? We provide a full repair service for only $10 regardless for whats broken. All the drones that we sell have been tested for countless hours to test the durability and strength. Check out of range of drones at

Lego Drone

I have been working on a drone that it completely modular. E.g You can buy the basic version and then upgrade it later on with things such as cameras and other modules. The GoDrone BASE is the perfect solution. It is amazing new technology because it is made out of LEGO!!! This makes it extremely durable as you can just rebuild it if you crash. It also means you can fully customize it using whatever lego you may already have. It features super powerful 8.5mm coreless motors and and a modern control board with a 3 axis gyro and a 3 axis accelerometer. It comes with everything you need to make and fly a drone.
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